dTMS given in a patient with family history of Depression who is on no medication

A 33-year male presented with moderate depression (measured on HAMD-17 scale as 16) since 6-7 years. He has been under NO medical treatment. History revealed that two of his sisters and even their father was suffering from depression. The family wanted to try dTMS treatment.

The plan:

After screening him for electro-magnetic field compatibility, he received 12 sessions of 18 Hz stimulation using H1 coil over 12 days. The psychologist had taken a keen role to counsel him during the sessions. There were NO medications prescribed.


psychiatrist in Hyderabad
psychiatrist in Hyderabad

The result:

There was a visible behavioral improvement in him within first 6 sessions. His mood and cognitive abilities improved. His HAMD-17 reduced to 7, which is in fact remission from the disease. Parallelly, his anxiety symptoms as measured on HAMA rating scale, reduced from 15 to 7. The patient was very happy and satisfied.


Thanks to dTMS – It came to the rescue of a patient with moderate depression without even putting him on medication. He happens to be the first patient treated for depression ANC who has family history of depression.  

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