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Deep TMS treatment in OCD – A special experience.

The standard treatment regimen for OCD involves a high frequency stimulation (HFS) with 20 Hz. In addition, there is also a possibility of using a combination of 5 Hz and 50 Hz frequencies. This combination treatment is called Intermittent Theta Burst Stimulation (ITBS). Case scenario: A middle-aged female patient has been on medication for OCD […]

dTMS given in a patient with family history of Depression who is on no medication

A 33-year male presented with moderate depression (measured on HAMD-17 scale as 16) since 6-7 years. He has been under NO medical treatment. History revealed that two of his sisters and even their father was suffering from depression. The family wanted to try dTMS treatment. The plan: After screening him for electro-magnetic field compatibility, he […]

How RTMS helps in Depression?

Depression is a disorder of mood. Clinically presented as unipolar depression or bipolar disorder with depressive episode, it is a disabling condition that makes the patient hopeless throwing him/her into blankness. Along with the medication given by the psychiatrist, neuromodulation, especially in the form of dTMS is a good treatment choice in depression. Why RTMS? […]

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