Asha Neuromodulation Clinics (ANC), a unit of Vihanga Labs Pvt. Ltd, is India’s first multi-centered Deep TMS (dTMS) clinics. ANC is founded by Dr. M. S. Reddy, a leading psychiatrist and thought leader in mental healthcare in India. He pioneered the multi-centered clinical use of Deep TMS (dTMS) technology for treating psychiatric disorders in the country.
Asha Neuro Modulation Clinics Doctor

These clinics are Centres of Excellence for treating Depression (Major Depressive Disorder, Anxious Depression, Bipolar Depression), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Smoking Dependence, and other neuro-psychiatric disorders.

Our treatment is also highly effective for treatment-resistant conditions as well as for non-compliant patients. Centres of Excellence are located at Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Bengaluru and Mysuru. We have over 40 qualified psychiatrists and psychologists who are well experienced in neuromodulation and mental healthcare.

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At ANC, we provide a comprehensive ecosystem of mental healthcare services to ensure holistic mental and emotional wellness of our clients. This includes the advanced US FDA approved Deep rTMS (Deep TMS/dTMS), rTMS therapy, Neuronavigation-guided rTMS, TDCS, HD-TDCS, Biofeedback therapy, OPD Consultation and Counselling Services.

Asha Neuro Modulation Clinics Doctor

Mental Health Care with Transformative Technology.

Improving Therapeutic Outcomes in Mental Health Care and Making Recoveries a Realizable and Achievable Possibility.

Compassion and Empathy, Teamwork, Focused Patient Care.

Why Choose Us

India’s First Multi-Centered Deep TMS clinics:

We are India’s first multi-centered Deep TMS clinics with 6 centres across different cities, which are spreading further.

Advanced treatment for patients:

We use the advanced BrainsWay Deep TMS systems in all our centres.

Safe and highly effective treatment:

Our treatments are highly effective, safe, and approved by the US FDA.

Diverse patients treated:

We have treated 2500+ patients from India and abroad since April 2022.

Convenient and comfortable for patient:

Treatment is done on outpatient basis and patient can be comfortably seated on a sofa during therapy. No pre-treatment preparation is required.

Large team of qualified and experienced caregivers:

We have 40+ qualified and well-trained psychiatrists and psychologists who are well experienced in neuromodulation and patient care.

Personalized Care:

We understand that each patient and their suffering is unique. So, we approach each client with great care and tailor our treatments to their specific needs as and when required.

Complete range of neuromodulation treatments:

Apart from rTMS, we also have other neuromodulation treatments like TDCS, HD TDCS and Biofeedback to cater to all types of patients.